Towering Your InnerGenius – Venus In Saggitarius

“Introverts are like the stars in star apples.
They don’t feel the need to reveal themselves, except someone rips them open.”
– Michael Bassey Johnson

Enjoy this read about the Venus in Sagittarius transit and how it enhance how you approach the world going forward. Open yourself up to the possibilities of Nu connections that allows you to be the beautiful version of self that you’ve had tucked away for the sake of self preservation, it’s finally come out and play 🙊

10 things I love about my Sacred body

“Since I don’t look like every other girl, it takes a while to be okay with that. To be different. But different is good.” — Serena Williams
Enjoy my list of things I love about my body along with a journal prompt to help you write out your top 10 things you love about yours!

The Universe within Self

“When we repress our emotions or suppress our emotional content, whatever we are denying accumulates weight, or what I call vibrational density. This heaviness can take on many forms. But in all cases, it impedes your spirit’s natural ability to shine.”
― Panache Desai

The Art Of Seduction: Venus in Scorpio ♍️

In a world where being seductive has been one of the most influential ways for women to be seen but not necessarily respected in society, here are a few ways to embrace your sense of sensuality to gain control over self and your surroundings. No cleavage needed to try these methods, enjoy this energy of Venus being in Scorpio by tapping into your sexy side whether it’s through your choice of words, tone, or appearance.


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