Igniting The Internal Flame

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
– Aristotle

Coming to terms with who you are and who you’re working towards being is vital to align with your higher self. There’s no shame in who you are before you stepped in your power, actually we should honor that person because she was the ladder we needed to build a stronger foundation to grow. 2020 was the audition, 2021 was the casting, 2021 will be the premiere of the raw-thentic self.

Fraud Behavior in the Spiritual Community

So last night I decided to tune into my very first twitter spaces conversation it prompted me to write this blog post because the community is so problematic for so many reasons. When I got into spirituality I was introduced to the Hood healer and it was so refreshing having someone that I was ableContinue reading “Fraud Behavior in the Spiritual Community”