Igniting The Internal Flame

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
– Aristotle

Coming to terms with who you are and who you’re working towards being is vital to align with your higher self. There’s no shame in who you are before you stepped in your power, actually we should honor that person because she was the ladder we needed to build a stronger foundation to grow. 2020 was the audition, 2021 was the casting, 2021 will be the premiere of the raw-thentic self.

The Opportunist in Love

The highest form of energy on this planet is love. All energy vibrates at different levels, but love vibrates at the highest frequency. When our heart is open to the highest vibrations and we start to attract love into our lives, loving people and loving experiences that allows us vibrate on the same level of awareness.

Towering Your InnerGenius – Venus In Saggitarius

“Introverts are like the stars in star apples.
They don’t feel the need to reveal themselves, except someone rips them open.”
– Michael Bassey Johnson

Enjoy this read about the Venus in Sagittarius transit and how it enhance how you approach the world going forward. Open yourself up to the possibilities of Nu connections that allows you to be the beautiful version of self that you’ve had tucked away for the sake of self preservation, it’s finally come out and play 🙊