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Hi, I’m Jestine!

H​i, I’m Jestine! I’m a writer and a creator of many things. As a multifaceted being, I’ve dabbled in many forms of art,wellness, beauty that has allowed me to explore many versions of self. My personal interest are discovering new literature, cultures and perspectives from others. Outside of work I enjoy traveling, creating new art, interior design,and listening to soulful music. I began writing at the age of 3 and I became more aware of my desire to write outside of my educational curriculum when I recieved my first password diary. This allowed for me to express myself without feeling paranoid about who was going to read my every thought until I rand out of pages and I began writing in my very first journal. In 2007, day I decided to bring my sacred journal to school and I began writing during class and my teacher decided to read my it in front of the whole class. This was the very first time that I experienced being completely vulnerable to people outside of myself. This experience has transformed my life and has allowed for me to no longer feel shame towards speaking my truth. Being able to document your thoughts and perspectives on paper to share with the world is such a beautiful experience and I cherish the ability to do so each day. I truly value my time ,focusing on my passions, and my wellness more and more each day. My life goal is to be able to teach and share my insight on love, light, and sometimes the taboo side of obtaining inner strength as a woman. We’re all sent here to regain our power after unfortunate events by constantly testing the narrative and thinking outside the box.

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