Meet The Writer

Hi, I’m Jestine!

A Bronx Born with little Harlem Shake. I’ve moved around quite a bit so I’ve adapted to learning various addresses within 26 years of existence. It took me many years to understand why but it helped me to learn how to never attach myself to a familiar place from a young age. I love to paint, crochet, and document my life in words or visuals. I started this blog so you get to me through life experiences with beautiful people, sometimes not but you get me. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. If you’ve made it here you most likely found me on another platform doing something intriguing enough to read who this girl really is. Writing is one of my favorite hobbies because it requires less effort than conversing with humans who are fixated on taking selfies all day. There’s less contrasting opinions, just me and my pen. My journey as a woman has been truly transformational and each day is a lesson to take note of, no pun intended.


  1. I’m a Cancer Rising/Leo Moon 🦀🦁
  2. My favorite color is Lime Green 🔋
  3. I’d rather have a flip phone 💻
  4. I have a Starbucks addiction ☕️
  5. I love Coconut water and milk 🥥
  6. I love Brazilian music 💽

Redefining self is a transformational journey that will allow you to turn a nu page and create a way of life that is more desirable and fitting to your higher self. The internal work that is needed to release the old version of you takes time, empathy, and courage to achieve. Define Feminine is now offering activity based wellness coaching in order to help you unleash your inner God(dess). Each session has been created to actively create an inner standing of self the oppositions formed to teach you necessary lessons within this lifetime. I’ve been blessed to be able to bring my gifts to the forefront to help others bring out the best in themselves. This is something I’ve been able to do from a very young age and I’ve been searching for creative ways to display my empathetic ability to heal those are willing to do the work. I’ve created a safe space for women/men to cultivate healthy dynamics with self + working through emotional blockages that we as a collective tend to internalize on a daily basis. I’m offering affordable sessions to allow other individuals who are seeking a fun and interactive way of therapy for an affordable price because we are often challenged by capitalism which limits our opportunities to implement wellness in our lives. The mind is a very powerful source of InnerG that needs to be utilized for development of self and the world around us and it is becoming more and more evident that if more people were able to access therapeutic services the world will be more of a peaceful place to live.

Available Wellness Sessions

  • Inner Child Healing
  • InnerG Healing
  • Divine Partnership Healing
  • Divine Friendship Healing
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